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Hem Of His Garment

"Just Another Hill" click to listen

Just Another Hill

Jesus You're My Everything

Look What The Lord Has Done


                                                                                     1.) Mercy Walked In
                                                                                     2.) Hem Of His Garment
                                                                                     3.) Jesus Is More Than Enough
                                                                                     4.) Did I Mention
                                                                                     5.) Grace Abounds
                                                                                     6.) Quitting Never Crossed My Mind
                                                                                     7.) I've Been Touched
                                                                                     8.) It's Been A Journey
                                                                                     9.) He Knows How
                                                                                   10.) Believe, Stand Strong
                                                                                   11.) Look What The Lord Has Done


 "It's Alright"

1) It's Alright
2) Jesus You're My Everything
3) Victory Stakes It's Claim
4) Just Another Hill
5) Glory Spout
6) I'll Go With You
7) Lord You're Holy
8) The Blood Is Still Strong Enough
9) A Place I Love
10) What A Day That Will Be
(Featuring Kiley Ann)


"Marla Conrad"

1) I Just Talked To Jesus
2) The Church United
3) I'll Be Satisfied
4) I'm Ready To Go
5) My Great Loss Today
6) Alabaster Box
7) It Was Me
8) My Home
9) You'll Never Run Out Of The Blood
10) He Took Me In
11) If That Wasn't God
12) He'd Have To Walk Thru The Blood


"Step Of Faith"

1) My Mama's Prayers
2) That's When I'll Know I'm Home
3) He's Alive
4) The Lamb, The Lion, The King
5) Through The Fire
6) Trail Of Tears
7) God Raised The Ransom
8) Mountain Get Out Of My Way
9) Jesus Has Conquered The Grave
10) Drinking From My Saucer

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Lord You're Holy

Lord You're Holy