Marla Conrad Ministries


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What some folks have to say:

I would like to give my highest recommendation to the music ministry of Marla Conrad. She performs, not from an entertainer's mentality, but that of a true minister. Whether she is singing or speaking, Marla openly strives to give all the glory to God for the talent He has given her. Her music is soul touching and she gives a testimony that is very real and relevant, not only in her own life, but also in that of those who listen to her. She carries herself with full professionalism and integrity. Anyone who chooses to have Marla share her ministry will have a blessing to themselves, and to their organization. We believe in her! You will not regret inviting Marla come to minister to you and your church.
Pastor Mike Murrell
First Evangelical Methodist Church
Martinsville, Indiana

I recommend Marla Conrad as a most dynamic servant of God, and a terrific minister of the gospel through music. I have known her for several years and I have not one reservation to tell you that she is anointed and most sincere in her outreach efforts to "Win the lost at any cost." I have been so blessed to have hosted her in several of my music ministries; both in my personal ministry: Klondyke Gospel Music Center, Ozark, Al; as well as my denominational ministry: Northridge Church of the Nazarene, Dothan, Al.
Ronald J. Jeffers
President/ Concert Coordinator, Ozark, Al.
I am so blessed to know Marla Conrad. Her ministry will take you to another level of worship that you have always wanted to achieve. We have had Marla at our church numerous times, and each time has been a different experience. With a heart for ministry, and your best interest first, she can become an annual attraction that you don't want to miss. Kiley is Marla's daughter, but to us an angel sent from Heaven to remind us that God can do all things. She encourages people to pray for one another, and allows you to excerise your faith, to keep you in check with your life. Saying all this, Marla's ministry is a unique and refreshing response on what it will be like in Heaven. As a singer and a pastor, I truly can say this classic lady and her family are number one in our books.
Bishop Scott Baker
Harbor Lights Apostolic Church
Harrisburg, Illinois

Marla is one of my favorite people who I met through GSG radio. I will try to write this as un-biased as possible. A talented singer and songwriter, as well as a devoted servant of the Lord. She has something for everyone, regardless of whether you are in a valley or on a mountain top.
Randy Renigar
Global Southern Gospel Radio "GSG Radio"
Mt. Airy, North Carolina